Agencies & organizations who use OpiRescue get access to helpful FREE assets that also track Naloxone distribution.

Follow the steps below to order your custom co-branded posters, cards and stickers for vending machines and Naloxone boxes.


All items include:

  • Unique QR code for easy OpiRescue app download that yields anonymous, trackable data
  • Co-branded with OpiRescue and your organization’s logo
  • Files are delivered digitally so you can print your desired quantity locally

    Step 1:

    Select the items you want to print below (click any image to enlarge)

    • Sticker for Naloxone Box

      • Sized to 2.5” x 3” for a perfect fit on a Naloxone box
    • Sticker for Vending Machine

      • Sized to 7” x 16” for a perfect fit on a the side of a vending machine
    • Leave Behind Card

      • Sized to 3” x 6”
    • Poster

      • Available in 3 sizes to select from below

    Step 2:

    Upload your logo and fill out the form

    Accepted file formats: EPS, SVG, JPG, PNGRecommended minimum dimensions: 1200px on the longest side

    Step 3:

    OpiRescue generates your unique QR code and adds your logo to the designs

    Step 4:

    OpiRescue sends you the PDFs of the final files for you to print locally

    Steps 3 and 4 will be performed by the OpiRescue team after you Submit your Order.