OpiRescue HQ

OpiRescue HQ is a reporting and analytics program for first responder departments throughout the United States.

First responders who use OpiRescue to assist with administering Naloxone for an opioid overdose can easily record the event and then print the details of the event for filing an official report.


  • Distribute resources and SAMHSA guidelines for using Naloxone to reverse an opioid overdose to all officers/agents in your department.
  • Save time with filing reports on opioid overdose events directly from your smartphone
  • Collect geodata about your department's response to overdose events
  • See department level reports for response to overdose events
  • Better understand the outcomes from overdose events in your area

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Registering your department with OpiRescue HQ is easy. OpiRescue HQ for departments is $299 per year, which includes support for all the department's staff.

To start, choose your state and find your department. If your department is not included in the list, choose "My department is not listed".

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